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Industrial 2 Way Headsets
A range of two-way industrial headsets and wireless hands-free full-duplex communications systems from Swatcom, Sonetics Apex, 2Talk, Threat4, Con-Space & MSA.

Please contact us for our full range of military headsets, police headsets, search & rescue headsets, bluetooth headsets, waterproof headsets, wireless headsets and portable communication systems.

SWATCOM Headsets
Modular atex approved, military spec, waterproof headsets, PTT's, throat mics & voice amplifiers for high & low noise environments. Designed for military, police & swat teams. Swatcom Headsets
SONETICS Apex Wireless Headsets
Sonetics wireless headsets with integrated PTT swithches and wireless headset systems for 4, 6, 8 & 10 users. The wireless headset kits include a choice of headsets, wireless base stations & wireless intercom unit. Sonetics Apex WIreless headsets
Hardline Rescue Headset Kits
The CON-SPACE hardline rescue headset systems are designed for use by search and rescue teams in hazardous environments and confined spaces. Hardline Rescue Kit, Rescue Headset Kit
Threat4 Tactical Headsets
Threat4 tactical headsets include an in ear headset, dual radio headset, waterproof temple transducer, waterproof speaker microphone, single or dual radio PTT switches and a wireless PTT switch. Threat 4
Arborcom Bluetooth Headsets
Arborcom 2Talk headsets are full-duplex bluetooth headsets for use in high & low noise environments, ideal for forestry workers, tree surgeons, or for plant operatives . Arborcom Headsets
MSA Military & Bluetooth Headsets
A range of Military Headsets & Bluetooth Headsets with built in ambient sound reproduction and amplification. Neckband, under helmet and waterproof headsets with an electret mic or waterproof mic. MSA Headsets, MSA Bluetooth Headsets

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