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Threat4 Headsets
Tactical Communications Headsets from Threat4, These headsets are designed for police, military and swat teams. These tactical waterproof headsets and earpeices address Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

In-ear Digital (DSP) Radio Headset

The Threat4 X-62000 has four (4) talk-through microphones, two (2) on each side of the head. This allows for true 360° situational awareness.

threat4 x-62000
Waterproof Temple Headset

Threat4 X-65000
Dual Bone Conduction Transducers, No Audio Bleed on Receive, Waterproof to 2m for 4hrs

Threat 4 X65000 Waterproof Temple transducer
Threat4 Dual/Tri-Radio Press-to-Talk (PTT)

The Threat4 X63000 is available in Two radio or Three radio versions with Intercom/ICS input (3 position toggle) or USB input, automatically switches back and forth from stereo to binaural when more than one radio connected/d...

2 or 3 Radio PTT Switch
Threat4, Single radio PTT

Threat4 X-63700
Waterproof and Dustproof (IP68, submersible to a minimum of 3m for 30mins in 5% salt water), Connects to all Commercial and Military Radios, including side-mount PRC148 and PRC152.

Threat4, Remote Wireless PTT

Threat4 X63800
Remote wireless press-to-talk (PTT) for use with: X-63000 Dual/Tri-Radio PTT and X-63700 Single Radio PTT.

Threat4 X-63800 Remote PTT
Threat4, Wired Remote PTT

Threat4 X63900
Wired remote push-to-talk (PTT) for use with: X-63000 Dual/Tri-Radio PTT and the X-63700 Single Radio PTT.

Barrell Remote PTT
Threat4 Waterproof Speaker Microphone

Threat4 X85000
IP67 Waterproof Speaker Microphone with: Emergency Button, High/Low Volume, Antenna Jack: 2.5mm, 3.5mm or 3.5mm threaded audio jack

Threat4 X85000 Waterproof Microphone Speaker
Threat4 Dual Radio Less Overt Kits

Threat4 X-5100
Acoustic Tube or Ear Hook Models available, Submersible (1m, 31min, Can be Used with Two Radio (binaural - each ear, Compatible with x-63000 and x-63700

Threat4 X-51000

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