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Threat4 X-51000 - Less Overt Dual Radio Headset
  • Acoustic Tube or Ear Hook Models
  • Can be Used with Two Radio (binaural - each ear)
  • Dual Tubes Allows use of Earplugs
  • Single Ear Version Available
  • Submersible (1m, 31min)
  • Audio Limited Prevents Hearing Damage from Loud Radio - Conforms with OSHA and Army Hearing Program regulations
  • Compatible with X-63000 Dual/Tri-Radio PTT and X-63700 Single Radio PTT
  • Neck worn lanyard to prevent cable pulls from dislodging earpieces
  • Fully shielded cabling
  • Submersible 1m 31mins
  • Earpieces can accept attenuation plugs, ear buds, open ear inserts and custom earmolds
  • Copper caged PCB
  • Available in Green or Black

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