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Threat 4 Waterproof Temple Transducer
Waterproof Temple Transducer Features
  • Dual Bone Conduction Transducers
  • No Audio Bleed on Receive
  • Waterproof to 2m for 4hrs
  • Compatible with most ballistic helmets
  • Available in right or left shooter boom
  • Can be worn with ear plugs
  • Noise Cancelling Boom Mic
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Threat 4 X65000 Waterproof Temple transducer
Mechanical Specs
  • Cable Pull from Temple Pad: 10kgf
  • Cable Flex at Temple Pad (90 degree bending), , 5000 cycles, 500g
  • Mic Boom Pull: 10kgf
Bone Conduction Speaker
  • Impedance: DC 8.5+-1Ohm, AC 38+-Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 125+-4dB
  • Input Power: Rated 0.5W Max 1W
  • Ruggedness: 0.5W, 48hrs
  • Storage Temp: -20C to + 70C
  • Operating Temp: -20C to 55C
  • Submersion: Headset: IP67, 1m 31mins
  • Wireless/Sniper PTT: IP67, 1m 31mins. Non-wireless body PTT: IP67, 1m 31mins
  • Drop: 10 each axis at 5ft w/o failure
  • Vibration: 30 mins each axis sweep 14-33Hz @ 2.0mm
  • Salt Spray: 24hrs @NaCI 5+-1%, PH 6.5-7.2 Temp. 33.3-37C RoHS
Microphone Specifications
  • Mounting: Left or Right
  • Type: Electret (Commercial Radios) Impedance: 2.2k Ohm, Sensitivity: -49 3dB at 1000Hz
  • Type: Dynamic (Military Radios) Impedance: 150 Ohm, Sensitivity: -70 dBV/Pa +/- 5 dB at 1000Hz
PTT Specifications
  • Connects to x-63000 or 2” Body PTT, Wireless Sniper/ Finger PTT (915MHz) 1:1 pairing
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