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NEW - Swatcom DX Full-Duplex Communication System

Hands-Free Full-Duplex, lightweight, compact radio communication system. Without base or relay, on a coded network, this is the simplest mobile voicecom which works in a multitude of industry sectors.

SWATCOM DX allows a natural conversation between users despite physical obstacles (walls, floors, etc.), even when wearing protective equipment including SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus). The SWATCOM DX handset attaches to the headset in similar way to a Press-to-Talk (PTT) switch, but does not have to be operated in order for the user to be heard (i.e. full-duplex), the handsets themselves do not operate as a walkie-talkie.

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Swatcom DX

Swatcom 5, Throat Mic for 2talk

For users users who want a reliable accessory for voice communication that is streamline and easy to use. For use with A-KABEL Modular Handset.

Swatcom 5
Swatcom 7, Noise Cancelling Headset

A heavy duty, durable headset with a flexible boom mic that can be adjusted to any position. For use with A-KABEL Modular Handset.

Swatcom 7
Swatcom 8, Lightweight Military Headset

This military grade headset is designed for rugged use. It incorporates a noise cancelling microphone mounted on a robust and highly flexible boom. For use with A-KABEL Modular handset.

Swatcom 8
Swatcom 12, D-Style Audio Only Earpiece

A terrific option especially when using your portable radio for general use. Fits around the ear. ATEX approved. For use with A-KABEL Modular Handset. Contact us for more info.

Swatcom 12 - earpeice
Swatcom 15, C-Style Audio Earpiece

A comfortable and versatile speaker option that can be used for multiple applications. Fits on either the left or right ear with very little adjustment needed. Contact us for more info

Swatcom 15
Swatcom Atex Headset Accessories
The following are all intrinsically sale and atex certified for use in hazardous areas with explosive atmospheres.

Swatcom 1 PTT Switch
Swatcom 2 Throat Mic
Swatcom 3 - Voice Amplifier and PTT
Swatcom 4 - Voice Amplifier

Swatcom 1, Swatcom 2, Swatcom 3, Swatcom 4

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