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Victim Locator Headset Kit
The Victim Locator kit is lightweight, portable, batter powered and be operated by a single Rescuer. Multiple kits can be deployed simultaneously on the same site without interfering with each other. It is a completely stand alone system that gives a single Rescuer the ability to search a collapse. On Location of a victim, two-way voice communication is established immediately.

  • The probe is constructed of a very rugged Stainless Steel with a durable nylon tip
  • The Rescue Probe is a full duplex two-way communication device, giving rescuers the ability to hear victims as well as talking to them.
  • Uses a sensitive omni-directional microphone
  • Interchangeable with all CON-SPACE hardline Communication systems

The Victim Locator Kit is a two-way communications system designed to provide responders with a basic means of quickly locating victims and establishing communication. The lightweight system can be easily deployed by a single Rescuer to search a collapsed structure.

The kits Rescue Probe consists of a waterproof, shock resistant speaker and microphone enclosed in a cylindrical, stainless steel shell. The probe, measuring 1.65in(4.2cm) in diameter, easily passes through a 2in(5cm) bore hole. It can be attached to a PVC pipe or rope and lowered into collapsed structure, sewers, mine shafts or rubble piles.

1 x CSI-1100 Mini Module
1 x Rescue Probe
1 x Probe Behind Head Headset, Double w/Mute
1 x Operator Extension Cable w/Mute Switch
1 x Probe Interface Cable 25ft(7.6m)
1 x Rope Coupler for Probe
1 x Pipe Coupler for Probe
1 x Probe Cord/Snap Hook 50ft(15m)
1 x CSI-1000 Carry Case

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Victim Locator KitRescue Probe

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