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Mine Rescue Headset system
The Mine Rescue Kit is a two-way communications system designed to provide full duplex voice communication to each member of a mine rescue team. The system is designed for one attendant and two entrants, but can be expanded to five entrants.

  • Intrinsically Safe / MSHA Approved
  • Dust Tight
  • Waterproof
  • Reliable, Rugged
  • Waterproof
  • Private Network
  • 400 Hours of Battery Life
  • 1000ft (305m) of Cable (additional cable may be added for distances up to 3000ft - 914.4m)
  • Hands Free / Full Duplex Communication

The CON-SPACE Mine Rescue Communication Systems are built based on input from actual Mine Rescuers. Each component if each system is selected specifically based on the needs of mine Rescue Teams.

Mine Rescue Headset system

The Kit comes with 1000 feet of communications cable that can be quickly deployed and managed with the Cable Reel. The cable splitter allows the Rescuers to fan out 10 to 15 feet in either direction and still maintain voice communications. The Mine Rescue Kit is Intrinsically Safe and MSHA Approved.

The equipment is developed to withstand the hazard conditions typically associated with mines and is built dust tight and waterproof.

Mine Rescue Kit 1 - 1000ft(305m) includes:
1 x CSI-2100 Command Module
1 x Behind Head Headsets - Single
1 x Operator Extension with Mic/Mute 20ft(6m)
2 x Facemask ComSet - Long
2 x Speaker Harness
1 x 1000ft(305m) Cable with Connectors/Snap Hook/Strain Relief
1 x 1500ft(457m) Cable Reel with Slip Ring Tech
1 x 10ft(3m) Cable with Connectors
1 x 15ft(4.5m) Cable with Connectors
2 x Strain relief with Snap Hook
1 x Cable Splitter - Single
1 x CSI-1000 Carry Case
5 Person Upgrade Option Includes:
1 x 5 Person Cable
3 x Facemask ComSet - Long
Mine Rescue Probe Kits
1 x CSI-2100 Command Module
1 x Behind Head Headset - Double
1 x Rescue Probe
1 x Rope Coupler
1 x Pipe Coupler
1 x CSI-1000 Carry Case Hard
Mine Rescue Probe Kit 1 -1500ft(457m) Includes:
1 x 1500ft(457m) Communication Cable
1 x 1500ft(457m) Cable Reel
Mine rescue Kit 2 - 500ft(152.4m) Includes:
1 x 500ft(152.4m) Communication Cable
1 x 500ft(152.4m) Cable Reel

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