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Mass Decontamination Headset system
The Enhanced Mass Decon Kit provides first responders, hospital triage and security personnel with a two-way voice communications system used to manage large crowds and conduct a mass decontamination.

The Enhanced Mass Decon Kit is designed for:
  • Mass Decon
  • CBRNE Incidents
  • HazMat
  • Crowd Control
  • Triage
  • Treatment

Level A, B & C suits restrict voice commands. The Enhanced Mass Decon Kit is equipped with push-to-talk radio/ voice amplifiers, stand alone voice amplifiers, push-to-talk radio accessories, as well as a Voice Intercom System that can be deployed anywhere to effectively communicate and manage small to large crowds.

Hospital personnel equipped with voice amplifiers can calmly assess and communicate with patients. When combined with a bull horn, first responders can address large crowds, manage security and maintain calm and order. All our equipment is waterproof and can be decontaminated

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Mass Decontamiation Headset kit

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