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Hardline Rescue Headset Kit 5p
The CON-SPACE Hardline rescue headset Kit 5p is configured for a team of six rescuers, consisting of two primary rescuers, two standby rescuers and a hole watch team leader, for entries of 100ft(30m), max 1500ft(472m). The system can be configured for up to fourteen people using available modules and accessories.

The command module is battery powered, compact and lightweight making it completed portable. Three 1.5v alkaline 'C' cells provide 400 hours of life on standby and all electronics are fused protected. A low battery battery LED indicator gives 12 hour warning battery replacement, which can be accomplished easily vie external access to the battery holder.

The system and accessories are waterproof. The rugged molded fibreglass enclosures, all externa; knobs and signal cables with their Military connectors are impervious to a wide range of acids, alkalis, fuel and other corrosive chemicals including Skydrol.

All of the above, coupled with a highest level of Intrinsically Safe Approval is why you can rely on CON-SPACE Hardline Rescue Systems and trust them with your life.

  • Hands free two-way voice communication
  • Use in Encapsulated suits with Respirators or any make/model of breathing apparatus
  • No mis-communication leading to better team work
  • Tested to MIL-STD461
  • Rugged, reliable and chemical resistant
  • Intrinsically Safe Approved
  • Emits no RF signals
  • 1 x CSI-2100 Command Module
    1 x CSI-2131 Power Talk Box
    1 x Cable Splitter - Double w/Mic Mute Switch
    1 x Single Splitter
    2 x Operator Headset Single-Sided, 32in(81cm)
    4 x Rescue Facemask Com Set w/Universal Speaker
    4 x Speaker Harness
    1 x 1ft(30cm) Operator Cable w/Mic Mute Switch
    1 x 10ft(3m) Operator Cable w/Mic Mute Switch
    1 x 20ft(6m) Operator Cable w/Mic Mute Switch
    1 x 25ft(7.6m) Cable w/Connectors
    1 x 50ft(15.2m) Cable w/Connectors
    4 x 100ft(30m) Cable w/Connectors w/Strain relief/Snap Hook
    1 x CSI-2000 Carry Case
    1 x Cable Coiler
    1 x Cable Bag (for 100ft(30m) - 300ft(91m) of cable)

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Hardline Rescue Headset Kit 5p
Hardline Rescue Headset Kit 5p
Hardline Headset kit
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