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Hardline Rescue Headset Kit 3
The CON-SPACE Hardline Rescue Kit 3 is configured for a team of Rescuers: Two Entrants, One Attendant for a 100ft(30m) entry. Additional cables can increase entry distance to 1500ft(457m).

The Mini Module is a compact Communication Systems that provides simultaneous two-way communication between Operator and the one User to distances of up up 1500ft(457m). The equipment is easy to use, completely hands-free. The electronics are housed in a rugged, waterproof, lightweight enclosure that can be worn on a belt. Powered by 4 'AA' cell batteries, the unit has a 200hour battery life and is continuously monitored by a low power circuit that provides the operator with a 12 hour warning of battery replacement.

All of the above, coupled with a highest level of Intrinsically Safe Approval is why you can rely on CON-SPACE Hardline Rescue Systems and trust them with your life.

  • Hands free two-way voice communication
  • Use in Encapsulated suits with Respirators or any make/model of breathing apparatus
  • No mis-communication leading to better team work
  • Tested to MIL-STD461
  • Rugged, reliable and chemical resistant
  • Intrinsically Safe Approved
  • Emits no RF signals

1 x CSI-2100 Command Module
1 x CSI-2130 Talk Box
1 x Single Splitter
1 x Operator Headset Single-Sided, 32in(81cm)
2 x Rescue Facemask Com Set w/Universal Speaker
2 x Speaker Harness
1 x 1ft(30cm) Operator Cable w/Mic Mute Switch
1 x 10ft(3m) Operator Cable w/Mic Mute Switch
2 x 100ft(30m) Cable w/Connectors w/Strain relief/Snap Hook
1 x CSI-1000 Carry Case

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Con-Space Rescue Kit 3

Hardline Rescue Headset Kit 3
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