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CON-SPACE - Hardline Communication Systems / Rescue Headsets

The CON-SPACE Hardline Communication System designed and built for use in Confined Spaces and hazardous environments by rescue workers & rescue teams. These Rescue Headset Kits are the safest, most rugged pieces of communication equipment available today.

USAR Taskforce Headset kit

The USAR (Urban Search & Rescue) Taskforce Kit is a Hardline two-way voice communication system design to meet specific rescue needs. These include, Confine Space, High Angle, Structural...

Rescue Communications System - USAR Taskforce
Hardline Headset Rescue Kit 1

The CON-SPACE Hardline Rescue kit 1 with Power Talk Box is configured for a team of five rescuers, consisting of two primary rescuers, two standby rescuers and a Hole Watch/Team Leader,

Hardline Rescue Headset Kit
Hardline Rescue Headset Kit 3

The CON-SPACE Hardline Rescue Kit 3 is configured for a team of Rescuers: Two Entrants, One Attendant for a 100ft(30m) entry. Additional cables can increase entry distance to 1500ft(457m).

Con-Space Rescue Kit
Hardline Rescue Headset Kit 5

The CON-SPACE Hardline rescue Kit 5 is configured for a team of six rescuers, consisting of two primary rescuers, two standby rescuers and a Hole Watch/Team Leader, for entries of 100ft(30m)...

Con SPace Rescue Kit
Mine Rescue Headset Systems

The Mine Rescue Kit is a two-way communications system designed to provide full duplex voice communication to each member of a mine rescue team. The system is designed for one attendant and...

Mine Rescue Headset system
Victim Locator Headset Kit

The Victim Locator kit is lightweight, portable, batter powered and be operated by a single Rescuer. Multiple kits can be deployed simultaneously on the same site without interfering with ea...

Victim Locator Rescue Headset Kit
Mass Decontamination Headset Kit

The Enhanced Mass Decon Kit provides first responders, hospital triage and security personnel with a two-way voice communications system used to manage large crowds and conduct a mass decont...

Mass Decontamiation Headset kit
Bomb Disposal Hardline Headset kit

The Bomb Disposal Kit is a Hardline Communication System designed to provide a private communication for a team of three Bomb Specialists wearing Face Shields and Full Body Armour for protec...

Bomb Disposal Kit

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